Steri-Cleans exceptional services have been featured on several television shows as well as covered in numerous magazines and newspaper articles. Below are some of the media outlets which have covered stories on our exceptional company and its staff.

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Samuel L. Jackson's new movie "Cleaner" is now on DVD. Recognize his company name, Steri-Clean? Yes, it is us! "Cleaner" and its director (Renny Harlin), set designers, costume designers, and others asked Crime Scene Steri-Clean, LLC to assist them with making the crime scene cleanup portion of the movie realistic. The production staff, and Samuel L. Jackson himself,  spent time with us to learn the basics of this industry so they would portray a correct image of what we do on the big screen. We appreciate their efforts in taking the time to learn about our field and to represent our high standards in this action packed film. We would like to take the time to thank Mr. Harlin, Samuel Jackson and everyone involved for including us in this wonderful project. It has been such a great experience for our entire staff!