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Roanoke Crime Scene Cleanup

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Roanoke Crime Scene Cleanup Roanoke Crime Scene Clean-up

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Suicide Cleanup

Crime Scene Steri-Clean assists families and loved ones after the devastating loss through suicide. There is no reason a family member should attempt to clean a suicide scene themselves. The trauma you have already been through is enough, and dealing with the aftermath will only worsen that. Let our trained and experienced staff provide our affordable cleaning services so you don't have to. Our services are most often covered by insurance which can help tremendously in times like these. Crime Scene Steri-Clean has been in business for since 1995 and has successfully cleaned thousands of trauma scenes. If you need help or just have questions, please contact us 24 hours a day at (804)433-3211.

Homicide Cleanup

The sudden, unexpected loss of a loved one is the most traumatic experience anyone can go through. Crime Scene Steri-Clean was formed in 1995 to alleviate the additional trauma families members experience if left to clean the scene where a loved one passed. Our compassionate staff will respond 24 hours a day to assist you in restoring a safe and clean environment to return to. Crime Scene Cleanup is almost always covered by homeowners insurance, so you are not faced with paying the bill. Dangerous diseases and blood borne pathogens can be present in blood and we are trained to effectively deal with all known pathogens. Call us for a free estimate or to answer your questions (804) 433-3211.

Undiscovered Death Cleanup

Our society has more people living longer lives and more independent than ever before. The down side to that fact, is that many people will die alone and go undiscovered for days, weeks or even months. Human decomposition can be an overwhelming and complicated cleanup process. During summer months and warmer seasons, the process is sped up causing fluids to damage furniture, flooring and structural components in a home. It is imperitive that this type of situation be professionally cleaned and the appropriate disinfectants applied to remove all biohazard and associated odors. For help with any biohazard situation or undiscovered death contact us 24 hours a day at (804) 433-3211.

Roanoke Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Roanoke police investigators on scene of a death scene within their city. Crime Scene Cleanup should occur as soon as the investigation is completed.