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Virginia Beach Crime Scene Cleanup

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Suicide Cleanup | Blood Cleanup | Undiscovered Death Cleanup

Virginia Beach Crime Scene Clean Up

Virginia Beach Biohazard Experts

Crime Scene Steri-Clean is here to assist you in your time of need at an affordable price. It is true that most crime scene cleanup services are covered by homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and commercial or business insurance policies, but our pricing does not always warrant that need. We have been providing crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, and blood cleanup since 1995. Grieving family members do not have to clean a biohazard scene alone. Trust in us like thousands of others have to remove all biohazards and associated dangers. Our company was started by a firefighter/paramedic who was tired of hearing distraught families to just cleanup their loved ones blood with soap and water. This is unsafe and extremely traumatizing to the victims loved ones. Let us help you through this tragedy by restoring the scene and preventing your from performing the unthinkable task. We service Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and surrounding cities 24 hours a day. Call us with any questions or for our discreet services at (757) 822-4711. We will help you through this.

Other Related Services

Crime Scene Steri-Clean can also help with many other services related to biohazard events. Our staff are highly trained experts in tear gas removal, fingerprint dust cleaning, invisible superbugs like C-Diff, MRSA, and Staph, and biohazards from animals such as pigeon, bat, and rodent droppings. We provide free estimates to mitigate whatever biohazards or extreme cleaning needs you have. One call to our 24 hour live help line and your questions will be answered. If you have any situation where biohazards, communicable diseases or dangers are present, call our 24 hour call center at (757) 822-4711.

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